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GAEMS was founded in 2009 by 2 competitive gamers that traveled extensively for business. No product existed for console gaming on the road, so they created the world’s first Personal Gaming Environment. GAEMS has won multiple awards and achieved critical acclaim for development of robust, high-performance, portable gaming devices.

Our GAEMS Guardian Pro XP flagship product is the ULTIMATE Personal Gaming Environment for serious content creators and gamers alike.


  • Integrated 24" QHD 60Hz IPS gaming monitor brings 1440p resolution with only 9ms response time
  • Proprietary Dynamic SoundStage with built-in power amp delivers tuned stereo sound through chambered dual 9w speakers and twin passive subwoofers
  • Media Center solution maps 3x USB ports to your PC or console with pass-through option for charging devices! HDMI output for game capture or multi-screen
  • Picatinny accessory mounts for attaching cameras, mics, lighting, extra displays or other streaming gear. Supports up to 10lbs/4.5kg


GAEMS Guardian - A Content Creator's Dream!

Guardian visual

Crystal-clear visuals

Editing your video or gaming in 1440p, Guardian Pro XP’s built-in 24-inch QHD monitor with in-plane switching means you will become immersed in crisp and vibrant visuals from any angle.


Don't miss your beat

Amp up your sound game with Guardian Pro XP’s proprietary Dynamic SoundStage. Dual-9W speakers and twin subs boosted by built-in Power Amp for rich sounds with no clipping!


Streaming untethered

Create live streaming content ANYWHERE! Camera, mics, lighting even more displays mount directly to the Guardian Pro XP with ease. HDMI output allows you capture your screen as you play!

Media Center

More power in front

USB power from your supported console or PC is up front! Mapped 3x USB ports at your fingertips and pass-through power to charge when it is off! Dual 3.5mm audio jacks as well!

Video image

GAEMS Listened


  • Our community wanted a portable solution that can keep up with today's gaming and content creation needs
  • Guardian boasts a 5" bigger monitor with quadruple the pixel count of our Vanguard
  • Hard-shell case with desirable internal storage and mounts for a variety of accessories


Professionally Inspired


  • Users wanted support for their personal choice of mics, lights and cameras with a way to charge their accessories (including their phones) as well
  • Professionals informed us they needed a HDMI output to feed their gameplay to capture devices or an auxiliary display at events


The Perfect Solution For Content Creators


  • Top content creators lose money when they are not online generating fresh content, especially when on the road or at events. Stream quality issues may arise if gamers cannot setup professional gear away from their home or studio. The Guardian facilitates high quality streaming when most needed!

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