JYS Xbox Controller Charger with Battery Pack

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JYS-X129 For XBOX Series S X Charging Station With Rechargeable Battery Pack Charging Dock For XBOX Series S X Dual Charger

Dual Charging Dock for XBOX Series SX Wireless Controller is designed for charging XBOX Series S X wireless

controller. This product is equipped with 2 pieces battery pack, which can be installed in the controller. There is also a piece of USB charging cable, through which you can connect the Micro USB on the battery pack to DC 5V output port or Adaptor port. You can charge the controller directly when the battery packs are installed in the controller.

-The input voltage of this product is DC 5V so that you can charge controller quickly through USB jack on XBOX console, computer

USB port or other 5V adaptor. There is no need to use PS4 console equipment and special power. As it is fashionable, useful, convenient, it is a must for players.

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