Nyko Deluxe Master Pack for PlayStation 5

Nykoكود التخزين التعريفي:P-NY-0793-S

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The Nyko Deluxe Master Pak for Playstation 5 is a complete console gaming accessory designed with everything a new gamer needs. It includes a wired premium headset for crystal clear game audio and voice chat, 2 controller charging docks to keep your controllers in action, silicone skin for controller protection and comfort, 2 charging dongles to allow controllers to charge on contact, and multiple sets of small and large thumb caps.

Features & details

  • Complete console gaming accessories
  • Premium starter pack for PlayStation 5
  • ncludes: Over-ear headset, Dual charging dock and cable, 2 rechargeable batter packs & Silicon grip cover
  • 3 sets of pro-gaming thumb caps: Small, medium and large

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