Paladone Pac-Man Colour Change Mug

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  • With a hot beverage in it, images from your favourite retro game will appear on this mug
  • Ceramic mug with heat sensitive coating

Geeks in particular have been claiming for a long time that a nice, black, hot coffee can cause miracles - a fact that science hasn't been able to prove so far. But the Retro Heat Change Mug now finally provides the necessary evidence! At first, the almost black mug seems to be unimpressive and artless - but if you fill it with a hot beverage, the colourful world of Pac-Man appears! A sight that stirs memories in the hearts of all retro fans!

Unfortunately, intensive experiments have shown that the wondrous transformation of the Retro Heat Change Mug can not be led back to the magical effect of coffee. Instead, it's down to a heat sensitive lamination and any hot liquid.

The Retro Heat Change Mug is the size of a normal coffee mug. Because of its heat sensitive lamination, we don't recommend cleaning it in the dishwasher.

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