RGB LED Fan Strip light for Playstation 5

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Led Strips Lights For PS5

Designed specifically for PS5: Independent mold opening, the shape and size completely fit the original host, the size is appropriate, and the fan color is the same, directly attached to the edge of the cooling fan, and integrated with the body, the USB design can be directly connected to the PS5 host.

100% high quality: PS5 light strip uses 5050 RGB LED chip, which makes the LED light very colorful and durable. In addition, our PS5 RGB LED strip will not overheat or damage the receiver during use, and the adhesive is also made of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.

With 8 kinds of monochrome (red, cool white, yellow, orange, cyan, green, blue, purple), a total of more than 400 kinds of lighting effects!

There are three control modes: 1. USB button control; 2. remote control control; 3. APP mobile phone control!

Sound pickup function: In music mode, the light will change with the surrounding sound!

Note: This product uses the DC 5V console USB interface, which is not connected to the larger DC power connector of the power supply.

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