E-Blue Auroza Gaming Sofa EEC333 with Movable Scroll Casters & Backrest Adjustable

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Extreme comfort gaming sofa EEC333
Adjustable backrest

This gaming sofa is ideal for gamers who are very concerned with comfort. The foam on the stand is thicker and feels very comfortable on the body. With an ergonomic backrest design, able to support the back and waist maximally to minimize injury.

  • Ergo designed with three-section back, split seat cushion.
  • High grade PU leather with skin-soft texture for durability.
  • Adjustable backrest in different levels, easily to adjust through.
  • The back strength when your body lean back.
  • Most suitable height & built-in soft cotton for great Arms comfort.
  • Equipped with four quiet casters on the bottom.
  • Product Dimensions: 95 x 71 x 75 cm
  • Item weight: 20 Kg

Sturdy Construction
Equipped with a sturdy steel frame, this gaming sofa is able to hold your body to the maximum.

Foam is not easy to sink
Foam in the holder and back feels very soft when your body is above it. The foam is not easily deflated even if it is occupied for a long time and will return to its original position.

PU Leather
The seat surface of this gaming sofa uses comfortable PU leather, can "breathe" so it doesn't heat on the skin and is easy to clean when exposed to water spills.

Comfortable Armrests
The armrest is covered with soft foam coated with PU leather.

Silent Wheel
There are 4 wheels on the bottom of this gaming sofa so you can move them easily. The wheel movement is quiet and not noisy.

3D Embroidery Logo Technology
The E-Blue logo is embroidered using 3D technology so that it adds an elegant and sporty impression.

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