PowerStation Playstation 1 Memory Card

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Memory Card 1 Mega For PSX


Attention! Compatible only with Playstation 1 of all modifications. Not compatible with Playstation 2!


  • Item Name  Powestation Playstation 1Memory Card For PS1
  • Platform : Playstation 1(PS1) 
  • Manufacturer : China
  • Specifications : 1m - 128Kb (15 blocks)
  • Item Type : Accessory

Product description:

Non-original 128Kb card stores data in blocks. And if large files can take several blocks, then small files cannot take less than a block, no matter how small the file itself was. The maximum possible saving can be 15 games.
With Powestation Playstation 1 Memory Card you will not have to re-conquer the passed stages of the game, because you can save your position on this map!
The memory card is designed to save the state in the game (that is, you can save the game in any place, turn off the console, then turn it on, and after loading from the memory card to continue the game). Memory cards differ in capacity - on a 2M card you can store twice as much information as on a 1M card.

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