Deadpool Cable Guy Light Up Ikon Controller & Phone Holder

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Ladies and gentlemen, now, the moment he’s all been waiting for…
What’s red, lights up, and charges your electronic devices? This vibrant new addition to our range of icons. And, also wearing a red fit, it looks pretty good doing it too. Capturing the signature emblem from the belt of Marvel’s most risqué member, this Deadpool Ikon is here and ready to spice up your setup.
If it doesn’t pack enough punch, you can bring even more of an edge to your Ikon by connecting our SP2 Power stand headphone rest to the back, giving you more options to display your items.

  • The new era of light-up charging stands, perfect for the PS5 or XboxS/X controllers
  • Compatible with the SP2 Power stand headphone rest
  • 2 USB fast charging points
  • Patented Rotating Entertainment Support Tray (R.E.S.T.) system to hold your controllers, phones, and other items
  • A red column with a red, LED-lit edge, topped with a light-up Deadpool logo featuring two katanas, and a Deadpool character decal on the column front
  • Based on Marvel's Deadpool logo
  • 1.2M / 4FT Type C Cable Provided.
  • Instruction Manual provided via QR Code on the packaging
  • Controllers and phones NOT included

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