Gran Turismo 7 (R2) - PS5

Sonyكود التخزين التعريفي:P-GR-1424-S

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From the manufacturer

Gran Turismo 7 key art
Screenshot inside car

The best of Gran Turismo

With the return of classic cars, iconic tracks, and fan-favourite modes like GT Simulation* and Sport Mode* – Gran Turismo 7 is the complete Real Driving Simulator, 25 years in the making.

* These features require internet connection.

Screenshot of car settings menu

Find your line

Whether you’re a racer, collector, tuner, designer, photographer or arcade fan – immerse yourself in the facets of automotive culture that matter most to you.

Screenshot of map and race tracks

Connect and compete

Join an international community of drivers to share race strategies, tuning tips, livery designs and photos, before taking to the track to go head-to-head.

Screenshot of three-pack cars

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