Horror Figures Stripe (Gremlins)

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The Horror Heroes Figurine Collection showcases the most famous fiends in film as hand-painted statuettes sculpted in metallic resin. These figurines come posed atop a display base, and are sealed in collector-friendly window packaging.

Mysterious creatures purchased from a Chinatown antiques store, Mogwai make cute and cuddly pets. Just remember – don't expose them to sunlight, or they'll die. Don't expose them to water, or they'll multiply. And above all, don't feed them after midnight – or you'll get a Gremlin!

Cruel, mischievous reptilian creatures, the Gremlins rampaged through the quaint town of Kingston Falls – thwarted only with the help of sunlight, explosives, and Gizmo, the last remaining Mogwai! "Stripe" was the ringleader of these animatronic abominations in Gremlins (1984) – this figurine depicts him at 1:8 scale (It's a 1/16 scale product line but Stripe is only 3 feet tall so this one is actually 1/8 Scale), signature tuft and all!

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