Multi Function Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch OLED

Retro Gamesكود التخزين التعريفي:P-MU-1264-S

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Feature :
1.SMART CHARGE INDICATOR LIGHTS - Charging indicators to show the charging status for controllers and the console.Red light is charging.Blue light is Empty/fully charged.

2.NOTE - Only charges,does NOT display on TV if the Switch is plugged into it.It does not include Nintendo Switch,pro-controllers,joy-cons and dock.It can not support official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter.

3.SMART CHARGING - Automatically detects and stops charging each controller individually,preventing overcharging when fully charged.2 cords offered can be pluged into 2 input ports at the same time so it can be charged faster and get enough power.It solves the problem of too many devices which are underpower and you can charge two Nintendo Switchs at once.

4.ALL-IN-ONE STAND & CHARGING DOCK for Nintendo Switch - Designed to store and charge your Nintendo Switch controllers.Capable of charging 2 Pro-Controllers and 4 Joy-Cons simultaneously. You can put this charging station for nintendo switch next to TV or computer and it will make your all Nintendo Switch accessories organized and displayed nicely.

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