Sega Saturn HDMI Convertor

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SEGA Saturn SS 1080p Upscaler 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio switching S-video input 1080p HDMI converter


Product Details: SEGA Saturn HDMI Converter*1, HDMI Cable*1, Micro Data Cable*1, Manual*1, Blister*1, Color Box*1.


Box size: 19.5*12.5*4.5cm, weight: 235g




Description: Most modern TVs connect via HDMI and lack some of the older inputs used by retro game consoles. With an HDMI adapter cable, you can give your old SATURN a new lease of life on a newer TV and relive those classic games with an easy PLUG&PLAY solution!




1. Video input method: S-video


2. HDMI output mode: 1080p


3. Support aspect ratio switching 16:9/4:3.


4. Supports all Saturn consoles (PAL and NTSC).


5. High quality display with 1080p resolution output.


6. Compatible with all modern TVs with HDMI input.


7. With our HDTV adapter, you can bring your Saturn console back to life on newer TVs and relive those classic games


8. It requires an extra micro USB cable (box included) that supports DC 5V power plug for power supply.

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