EasyAcc Mutil-in-1 USB Charging Stand

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EasyAcc make it easy
EasyAcc USB 2.0 Docking Station

Enjoy 5-Port Simultaneous Charging

Use the AC adapter to connect the docking station to a power outlet, then use the charging cables included to connect the devices you want to charge to the docking station.
The five ports (two super charging ports and three standard USB 2.0 ports) can be safely used to charge up to five devices simultaneously,
making it ideal for people who own multiple devices as well as for sharing amongst family, friends, and colleagues.

Entertain Yourself via the Built-In Stand
The docking station is designed with a stand so that you can watch videos on your smartphone or tablet while charging it.

Experience the Convenience of OTG
Just insert the OTG cable through the opening in the middle of the docking station and connect the USB end to the USB IN port on the docking station via a data cable.
The docking station is compatible with all smartphones and tablets with OTG support.

1. Do not charge your smart devices via data cables connected to the standard USB 2.0 ports (non-smart devices such as external batteries excluded). They will either not charge or charge very slowly.
You can charge your smart devices either via the charging ports or via the standard USB 2.0 ports with the charging cables included.

2. The charging ports are designed to charge your mobile devices only and will not support data transfers.

3: When using the card reader, please insert only one memory card at a time. The card reader will only be able to read one card even if two are inserted at the same time.

Package Contents
EasyAcc OTG Hub with Card Reader
USB 2.0 Data Cable
USB 2.0 OTG Cable
AC Adapter
USB Charging Cable

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