Nintendo Wii Classic Controller

Retro Gamesكود التخزين التعريفي:P-NI-1747-S

Color: white
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Product Description :

1.Directly plugs into the Wii console 
2.Intuitive and retro control pad to play your favorite classic games
3.Stylish controller is comfortable to hold, even during extended gaming sessions
4.Allows seamless control when playing the titles on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console
5.Use the control pad along with the A and B buttons for a familiar experience when playing Nintendo Entertainment System games


Product Parameters:
Color: White

Cable length: 110cm 
Package Contents:1 x Controller

1.GW: 10.72KG
2.Box quantity: 50
3.Box size: 52*41*39.5CM
4.Package size: 145*75*140mm
5.Single product weight: 161g
6.Single with package weight: 214g

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