Set of 2 Mario Carying Cases for Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch OLED

Retro Gamesكود التخزين التعريفي:P-SE-1268-S

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1.Compatible With Switch/Switch OLED full set.
2.Can be combined or used Separatly.
3.The main bag has a carry strap.
4.Made of PU plus double-stranded oxford fabric and denim material.
5.Super Mario theme, deeply loved by gamers.

6.The unique a set of carry bag design is convenience for Travel.

7.The sub-bag can storage the console, 10 game cards, and HDMI cable. Small size, convenient for daily use and carrying.
8.non-slip, waterproof,scratch-resistan,shock-absorbing,Resistance to extrusion,rust protection.
9.Main bag storage the console,dock,AC adapter,JOY-CON,JOY-CON GRIP,JOY-CON STRAPS,PRO  controller,26 game card HDMI cable and other accessories and sub-bag.

Product parameter
1.Color: red and blue
2.Weight: 0.77 + 0.19 kg
3.Material: PU + 1680D + denim
4.Size: main bag:320 * 250 * 130mm / Sub bag:260 * 120 * 45mm

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