Nintendo Wii HDMI Adapter

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wii to hdmi
wii to hdmi adaptor

Please Note:

The Wii to HDMI Converter is not an upscaler. The MAXIMUM native resolution of Wii is analog out 480i or 480p depending on the cable you use, which means the converter will NOT magically turn your games into 720p or 1080p. Instead the converter will use the component analog 480p video signal and turn it into digital information to be send through the HDMI cable so as to help Will be functioned in 720/1080p device with better viewing.

Make sure your cable is a HDMI A Male to A Male Cable and the connected monitor has HDMI ports!


Power consumption: Below 2W

Supported Video input Mode: Includes all the display modes of the Wii

console (NTSC 480i 480p, PAL 576i)

Supported HDMI output Mode: Outputs pure digital HDMI video/audio signals

Input Connector: Wii AV Multi Out Plug

Output Connectors: HDMI Connector & 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack

Package Include:

1x Wii to HDMI Converter

wii to hdmi converter

The additional 3.5 mm audio jack makes you connect speakers or soundbar to enjoy the game better.


wii to hdmi

The adapter does not cover other sockets and works well on your device.


wii to hdmi adaptor

Enjoy your game life right now!

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